Sonder Hospice

Why Families Choose Sonder Hospice?

Patients select Sonder Hospice because of our small size, responsiveness, and dedicated care team. Oftentimes, we have families come to us on their own after meeting with a large hospice where they felt like a number. With Sonder, a leader from the team meets with the family for hospice education and problem solving. This discussion is followed by a Sonder nurse who makes certain the family feels comfortable with what will happen next. This was the experience of a recent patient who met with us after having been referred to a large nonprofit hospice in the area. His family felt immediate relief and comfort knowing his wishes and needs were valued and understood.
Every family has different needs and preferences. By offering Sonder Hospice as an alternative option for families who prefer a more intimate, personalized approach for hospice care, we ensure each life is honored and valued in the way they would want care.
Sonder Services include:
A clinical team made up of experienced clinicians
The same team of clinicians stays with the family throughout care
24/7 clinical support
Hospice physicians are available to speak with families
Offer an inpatient unit at Westlake Medical, a 20-bed acute care hospital in Westlake on Bee Caves Drive
Provide Labs & IV at home as appropriate
Wound care nurse practitioner weekly visits
Call Sonder today for assistance or information at (512) 354-7222