Sonder Hospice

Founder’s Story

The origins of Sonder Hospice & Palliative Care

As a native Austinite, Lloyd’s heroes growing up were his grandparents. Many of his best childhood memories came from spending time with them swimming at Barton Springs and exploring the ranches and rivers of Central Texas. Their love, stories, and wisdom shaped his character and created in him a deep affection and appreciation for older Americans

Lloyd saw how meaningful reassurance and comfort became for his grandparents as age and sickness took their toll. He appreciates the honor of caring for seniors and the richness of relationships during this phase of life. He has had many personal and professional experiences which have drawn him into developing a compassionate approach towards those coping with advanced illnesses.

By seeking answers to questions about living while dying, living with dying, and this transformative phase of life, Lloyd began considering palliative and hospice care beyond the healthcare context. The power of palliative and hospice for alleviating suffering, giving control back to the patient, and elevating life became a passion he sought to share with others.

Building a service for the long-term, in the community he loved, and committed to the idea that all people have equal worth and deserve equal dignity gave the idea meaning and purpose. Lloyd was also excited about the idea of developing an organization where clinicians and caregivers feel supported and part of a dynamic team.

Sonder is a journey, not a destination. The entire Sonder Care Team is grateful for the support that Sonder has received from the community of Austin, TX. The Sonder Team is inspired by the love and compassion which they see around them everyday, and will work to bring that same love and compassion to their patients.