Sonder Hospice

How We Help Physician Practices

As a provider of specialized hospice care, Sonder is dedicated to partnering with physician practices in providing the best possible outcomes for advanced illness patients. Our care plans are developed with input from attending physicians and routinely updated to ensure that all parties involved have the most current information on the patient’s condition.

Our staff is trained in effective pain and symptom management, ensuring comfort for patients while also communicating regularly with physicians on the patient’s status.

Additionally, we work to provide care in the most appropriate and comfortable setting for the individual patient, whether that be at home or in a facility.

By collaborating with physician practices, Sonder is able to deliver specialized and coordinated care for advanced illness patients and their families.

Sonder offers a number of tools that physicians may find helpful in:

  • Assessing limited life expectancy and hospice eligibility
  • Breaking bad news to patients and families and initiating a discussion about options for end-of-life care
  • Determining clinical appropriateness for the level of hospice care
  • Billing for attending physician care plan oversight services provided to Medicare hospice beneficiaries
  • Comparing hospice services with traditional home healthcare as an option for your patient