Sonder Hospice

How to Choose the Right Hospice

When a loved one has been given a terminal diagnosis and it becomes clear that cure is no longer the focus of their care, hospice can provide essential support for them to remain at home. However, not all hospices are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a hospice for your loved one:

– Family reviews: Research hospice facilities and their quality ratings from organizations such as Medicare or Google. These ratings can give you an overall picture of the hospice’s level of care.

– Staff experience: It’s important to inquire about the hospice staff’s experience and training in palliative and end-of-life care. Ask if they have hospice-specific certifications and how often they receive continuing education.

– Family support: The hospice should offer support not only to the patient, but also to their family members and caregivers. Ask about what resources and services are available for this purpose.

– How frequently hospice visits: It’s important to find out how often hospice staff will come to provide care, as well as what their availability is for emergency situations.

Finding the right hospice for your loved one can make all the difference in their quality of life during this challenging time. Take the time to research and ask questions to ensure you are choosing the best hospice for their needs.