Sonder Hospice

How Sonder Became 100% COVID-19 Vaccinated

The Sonder team’s 100% compliance with COVID-19 vaccinations from the outset set the standard for a fully vaccination requirement without debate or disagreement.

From the outset, the entire team was concerned about preventing COVID-19. When working from home went into effect, we went fully remote and have continued working from home by creating decentralized support and a workforce capable of working from anywhere. During our weekly meetings, Sonder’s Medical Director, Dr. Buddy Owen, provided education, safety measures, and status updates. We collectively embraced the science and health officials’ recommendations by talking about the virus and our concerns. Throughout this time, Sonder was fortunate to have zero infections with staff or patients. When vaccines first became a reality, Sonder’s team was ready and looking forward to being vaccinated as another safety.

Caring for the sickest and frailest in our society is our purpose and passion. To live out this mission, it is our duty and obligation to “Do No Harm.” I am proud Sonder is living out this mission by being 100% COVID vaccinated and grateful for the Sonder team’s willingness to do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.