Sonder Hospice

Benefits to Care Coordination within Hospice

By having physicians and hospice care providers work together, communication is improved and issues can be addressed more quickly. This allows for timely referrals, and the ability to make decisions as a team ultimately benefits the patient. The shared knowledge and expertise of both parties leads to better outcomes and a higher quality of life for those receiving hospice care. It is our goal to ensure that patients and their families feel supported, informed, and comfortable during the end of life journey. Coordination between physicians and hospice care providers is a crucial element in achieving this goal.

There is a great value in physicians and hospice care providers coming together to create a connected care community.

In addition to improving quality of care, this association promotes:

  • Timely Referral
    • Referring hospice patients sooner frees up treatment time for new patients
    • Patients receive the benefits of hospice care sooner, improving their quality of life during their remaining time
  • Shared Decision-Making
    • When a team of clinicians take part in the transition decision, patients are reassured that they are making the right decision in turning to hospice care.

Our goal is to lead safe, effective, comprehensive care and prevent unnecessary, burdensome hospital visits and admissions.